Fourth of July may be a day full of celebration with fireworks, BBQ’s, and other traditions for many Americans. But for dog owners, it may be a day spent waiting in the ER, while their dog gets treated for holiday-induced emergencies caused due to panic and anxiety. Dog’s aren’t fond of fireworks like we are. They don’t understand that the noisy fireworks are just for fun and attempt to flee from their home or get lost.

According to Animal Humane Society, “July 5th is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters, as companion animals that fled in fright the night before are found miles from their homes, disoriented and exhausted.”

If you’re planning to celebrate the Independence Day with your friends, family, and furry buddies. Follow these safety measures to prevent your celebration turn into tragedy and make it safe and fun as possible for your dogs.

  1. Leave your dog indoors: Dog’s don’t like Fireworks. The loud noise and bright lights can cause your dog to run away or have a traumatic effect. Make sure to keep them indoors and protected from loud noises.

  2. Identification Tag: Make sure that your dog has his collar and ID tags on with current information. It helps to ensure your dog come back home safely if they flee.

  3. Keep out of Noise: If loud noises upset your dogs, do not leave them alone while you’re out celebrating. Make sure that someone stays with your dog or play calm music or pick up a Thunder shirt to help them feel secure and relaxed.

  4. Avoid Human Sunscreen and Insect Repellents: Sunscreens and insect repellants that you use might not be suitable for your dog too. It can cause side effects such as vomiting, excessive thirst, diarrhea, drooling or neurological problem. Make sure that you avoid using it to your dog.

  5. Keep away Alcohol: Alcoholic drinks are poisonous for your dog. It can lead to intoxication, weakness, coma, respiratory failure or death. Make sure that alcoholic beverages are out of reach for your dog.

  6. Keep away Glow Sticks and Jewelry: Dogs are tempted to chew such items. Swallowing the plastic adornments and glowing chemical inside can cause excessive drooling, gastronomical irritation or intestinal blockages. Make sure to keep away glow sticks and jewelry from you curious dogs.

  7. Provide Chewable to Distract: Treats or chew toys that your dog love can help to distract them from the chaos. Chewable helps to calm your dog and keep their mind off the noise. Make sure that you provide your dog with their favorite chews or toys to keep them engaged.  

Happy Celebrations!!!