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Bad Dog Behaviors and Solutions

Bad Dog Behaviors and Solutions

Having a dog can be exciting as well as troubling too. Your dog's loving nature and playfulness bring joy and fun to your lives. While his bad behavior causes you to suffer from frustration and heartache. Usually, the occurrence of bad behavior among dogs is the result of his surroundings and the negative behavior being rewarded. Providing obedience training to your dogs can be a way to better control common dog behavior problems.

A dog’s actions speak a thousand words—but interpreting them correctly is a learned skill.


If you want your dog to behave appropriately, then you must communicate a clear and consistent message to him. Dogs get confused about what’s expected of him. Understand the meaning and cause behind his certain behaviors. Set limits and boundaries through providing rewards and pains on his actions.

Common Bad Behaviors among Dogs and their Solutions


Chewing is a natural behavior among all dogs. Your dog explores the world around him with his mouth. It helps him to relieve teething pain, stress, and boredom. If your dog is not given appropriate items like chew toys or all natural yak or cow milk chews, then he might chew your stuff like socks or shoes which might block his intestines. Try to break such bad habits. Encourage your dog to chew on right items by giving plenty of chews or toys to gnaw. If you catch your dog chewing wrong things, quickly correct him by saying “no” and replacing the item with appropriate chewable.


Dogs bark for different reasons, it is a means of canine communication. If your dog barks at sounds like a door bell, knock, or siren, then he is trying to alert you or defend familiar areas like your house, yard or car. However, excessive barking can be due to the behavior problem, if you want to reduce your dog’s barking then determine why he’s barking. Teach your dog bark/quiet commands like “no bark” or “go to your spot” to make him calm. Rewarding your dog with treats, toys or praise for not barking can be also a way to stop excessive barking.


Jumping of a dog is usually taken as greetings, showing excitement or trying to get attention. But, it is a sign that your dog is trying to assert his dominance over you. Jumping behavior of your dog can cause injuries or scare your guest away. Stop your dog’s jumping behavior by not giving him attention unless he is on his front paws. Then, praise him by saying “Good Dog” and giving him treats. However, if you want to allow your dog to jump up now and then, put it on a cue either through a pat on his back or words.

Potty Marking

Your dog might usually pee on things, when he is afraid, want to mark his territory or show submission. It is one of the bad behaviors you don’t want your dogs to have, as it can’t be avoided. Train your dog’s as early as possible to prevent your house being soiled with poo. If you catch your dog potty marking inside the house, quickly interrupt him by saying “no” or “stop” and immediately take him outside to his spot and stand there.


Dogs love to dig. Your dog might try to release his pent-up energy, reach a scent, bury things, build a den for himself through digging. But, having your yard end up with a bunch of holes in it can be frustrating. If you want to control your dogs from creating a mess in your yard, then provide him with a sandbox or section of the yard where it’s okay for him to dig.

Happy Dog Training!!!

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