Chew Away with Yeti Dog Chew

Chew Away with Yeti Dog Chew

Does your dog love to chew your socks, your furniture, and everything that you hold dear? Are you tired of dog chews that can be consumed within a few blinks? Whether you have a lively puppy or a quiet dog, chewing is actually a healthy doggy behavior that should not only be encouraged, but also cultivated.

Dogs love to chew. It helps them to focus, maintain their oral health, and develop confidence. Unfortunately, most dog treats in the market fail miserably to meet your dog's chewing appetite. Many are only "savoring in appearance", which means that they are artificially produced to look good (and maybe taste okay). Nowadays, lots of dog chews are made of unnatural products that can harm your dog and ruin his health. If you are looking for a healthy dog treat that is made of natural and organic ingredients, then Yeti Dog Chew is your go-to solution. Our dog treat has no additives, chemicals, or artificial flavors. All ingredients come from Mother Nature's bests, and nothing less.

Encourage Appropriate Chewing with a Healthy Dog Treat

Since puppy-hood, our dogs learned chewing as a way to explore the world and exercise their minds. In fact, nothing gives a dog more joy than the opportunity to chew away his afternoon with a savoring dog treat. So if your dog is not finding satisfaction in your dog treat, then the problem is with the dog chew, and not with your dog. Here at Yeti Dog Chew, we understand that most of the dog treats out there fall embarrassingly short of our dog's standards. When you give your dog a low-quality dog chew, the treat is going to get chewed up in minutes, leaving a very unsatisfied dog and a disappointed owner. So to counter the trend, we decided to make our own dog chews that is completely natural and free of chemicals.

Yeti Dog Chew: The Ultimate Dog Treat 

Unlike the conventional dog treats, Yeti Dog Chew is made from 100% natural yak and cow milk based hard cheese. We make our natural dog treat by boiling the milk and pouring them through a manual churning barrel to extract the "extra" fat. The mixture is then treated professionally to effectively separate the cheese from the whey. This step ensures that most of the lactose from the milk is transferred into the whey to create a dog chew that is virtually lactose-free. We hand cut all our cheese, clean them with a natural lime juice-water solution, and sundry the finished product to attain a perfect hardness that your dog loves. As many of you will find out soon, our Yeti Dog Chews can last hours, enabling your dog to tackle the chew confidently, and with a passion too!

Natural Dog Treat from the Himalayas

As if things just cannot get better with Yeti Dog Chew, we are pleased to share that the yak and cow milk is produced in the Himalayan regions of Nepal that are usually at or above 15,000 feet. Because the abundant yak and cow milk could not be consumed locally, indigenous people used exactly this same method to preserve this natural goodness. While they didn't call the product Yeti Dog Chew, the locals did call it the "Milk Cake", which in our opinion, fully captures the rich flavor of this masterpiece. Our Yeti Dog Chew tastes and chews great. It has no artificial odor and will not give your dog any digestive upset. Pick your favorite Yeti Dog Chew here and give your happy dog a few hours of solid chews!

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