How to stop your dog from chewing everything ?

How to stop your dog from chewing everything ?

Is your dog chewing everything in its sight? Are your shoes no longer safe in your own house? Have you returned home to find your favorite cushions shredded to pieces? 

Well, there is nothing much to worry about. This behavior in your pet is perfectly normal to some extent. And, you can control it by taking a few precautions in your house.


But why exactly is your dog chewing everything in sight?

1. Teething

If you have a small puppy, who cannot stop gnawing everything it sees, there may not be anything to worry about since it may be due to teething period. Puppies of three to four months lose their baby teeth to make way for their adult teeth. Hence, chewing becomes their favorite pastime.

2. Boredom

When dogs (puppies or adults) love high activity but are in a home where their brain is not being stimulated continuously, they will start exploratory chewing. Some breeds will have higher activity levels than others. If that energy is not directed to other things, they will just roam around the house exploring and discovering new things to play with.

3. Attention

Sometimes when you give a lot of attention to your dog when they start chewing something they shouldn’t, they learn that as a great way to grab your attention.

All of these reasons are completely harmless. However, it certainly is a problem since your dog might get hurt chewing sharp things. And also you don’t want to come home to a house that looks like a hurricane just hit it. Moreover, it can also cause gastrointestinal blockages in your pet.

So, is chewing on things destructive at all?

There may be some instances when this means that your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety, fear, frustration, lack of exercise, hunger, etc.

If your dog uncontrollably destroys everything when you’re at work or away, this may mean separation anxiety. Other symptoms may include defecating where they’re not supposed to, barking and howling, pacing, etc. If the dog has recently experienced a change in schedule, or change in guardian, this might be the case. 

If you think this is the case for your dog, you should definitely call a professional for help.

How to stop the madness?

There is no sure-fire way to know what works specifically for you and your best bud. But, here are a few tips that might help!

1. Puppy proofing

You need to puppy-proof if you have a small puppy. Keep your valuables out of reach from them. If they can’t see it, they can’t chew it! All the harmful things like detergents, cleaners, poisonous plants, batteries, electric wires, electronics, etc must be kept far away from the puppy.

2. Dog toys and chewing treats

It is better to direct their attention to chewing treats and toys. That way, it is a win-win situation for both of you! 

There are plenty of dog chews and toys available in the market. But when it comes to your precious buddies, you should always pick the high quality treats for them.

Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews is a great option to keep your pup occupied for hours. It comes straight from the Himalayas and is a popular and top favourite chews among dogs. Wait cheese ? But isn’t cheese bad for dogs ? Not really, when given in small quantities, it should not cause any issues for your pup.

Moreover, our yak chews are virtually lactose free which makes it a safer choice for sensitive dogs. Not only are they equally delicious, it is also made with 100% natural ingredients, contains no preservatives and are more digestible than rawhide, bones, or antlers. Sounds like a perfect treat for your pooches doesn’t it ? We also have adorable handcrafted felt toys that are ready to be your dog’s new bestie!

As with any chews or chew toys, it is important to supervise and monitor your pet to ensure they do not ingest large pieces.

3. Training about what's okay to chew

You must set boundaries and train your dog to understand what is okay to chew and what is off limits. Praise him every time they chew on their chews or toys. Tell him he is a good boy that way he knows he is doing the right thing. 

4. Enough playtime and activities (exercise)

Since boredom and lack of brain simulation is one of the main reasons for a dog to do this nasty behavior, you must make sure that your dog is getting enough playing time. Set some time aside in your day to take them out for a walk or play with them for a bit. Give them the attention they truly deserve!

5. Chewing deterrent

You can also get chew stopping deterrent sprays in the market. This will quickly discourage them from putting their mouths everywhere.

So, if you are annoyed with all the constant mess in your home made by your precious puppies and can’t do anything about it cause it is impossible to be mad at them (since they are freakishly adorable), now you know what to try!

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