How Yeti Dog Chew is Made

How Yeti Dog Chew is Made

Think of the last time you purchased something from a store or an online platform. What are some of the things you checked for before you paid the bill? For many, price, ingredients, and product reviews are among the three major things they will examine, and for good reasons too. As a consumer, you want to buy a product that is not only competitively priced, but also offers great value. This is because we understand the importance of investing in products made of great ingredients.

The same principle applies to dog chews.

If you look around the market, there are a lot of dog chew options. However, the ingredients that go into a dog chew are going to determine its longevity, freshness, and chew-ability. Some dog chews are made of low quality ingredients, which cause them to be consumed in less than an hour. Others are contaminated with harmful elements and render an unpleasant odor. 

Yeti Dog Chew is 100% Natural


Founded with the passion to help dog owners to provide the best of the best to their dogs, our company is proud to carry a set of natural dog chews that are healthy to the body and yummy for the tummy. Our Yeti Dog Chews do not have additives, chemicals, and preservatives. All our ingredients are 100% natural, while the production process satisfies the highest standard of quality and safety.

The Inspiration Behind Our Chew

Yeti Dog Chew is a Yak and Cow milk based hard cheese that is completely odorless and choke-hazard free. The Yak and cow milk is harvested from the Himalayan regions of Nepal, usually at or above 15,000 feet. As a result, all your Yeti Dog Chews are made of quality ingredients that is free of modern day pollution. Meanwhile, the recipe of Yeti Dog Chew was actually used by local people to store the over-abundant milk. All we did was to take this centuries old recipe and apply it to making the best dog chews on the market. 

An Inside Look to Our Yeti Dog Chew Production

To make our Yeti Dog Chew, we began by boiling the mixture of Yak and Cow milk and pouring it into a manual churning barrel. After extracting the excessive fat from the mixture, we pour the liquid into a sieve to separate the cheese from the whey. Because of this delicate process, our Yeti Dog Chew is left with less that 1% of fat content. It is also virtually free of lactose, making it a safe alternative to any sensitive canine. 

After extracting the cheese content, we then transferred it to the burlap sacks to drain out any remaining water and whey residue. Hours are then spent on kneading the cheese to give it a finely-blended and attractive look. Once the cheese is ready, we will either hand cut it into various sizes or put it into molds to create different shapes. 

Chemical Free from All the Way

When it comes to Yeti Dog Chew, the entire production process is guaranteed to be natural from start to finish. We even sundry our cheese to help it attain that perfect hardness and texture your dog will love. Before we package our Yeti Dog Chew, we give the product one final cleaning by using a mixture of lime juice and water.

Check out our Yeti Dog Chew products so your dog can enjoy our delicious yak chew and stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

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