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It's All About Love: Our Everett Facility

It's All About Love: Our Everett Facility

"What inspired you to start Yeti Dog Treat?" That's a popular question people ask us all the time.

There are many ways to approach this question. For example, we can go into the "dry" history of our inception. We can talk about how our operation started in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, but later ended up in Everett, Washington. We can boast about our delicate dog chew manufacturing process. If you like we can also throw in a few sales pitch and let you know that our company takes orders from individuals, as well as from our reseller partners. Best of all? The resellers of our healthy dog treats are growing each month.

But we are not going to bore you with those company details. After all, we are dog lovers too. So let us explain our company's vision and success from a dog lover's perspective.

We Love Our Dogs

Dogs are ultra-adorable animals. We love them for not only their sweet disposition, but also their loyal companionship. As shares, having a dog as your pet instills both a sense of security and vigor into an individual's (or family's) life. According to past studies, dog owners are generally happier. They are less likely to experience depression, and more likely to lead a more social and dynamic lifestyle. This is why professionals have recruited and trained service dogs to therapeutically relieve people from emotional tensions and PTSD. 

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We Love Our Treats

With dogs bringing so much joy into our lives, we are just more than willing to give them lots of love in return. Besides giving our dogs the proper attention and diet, it's also a thrill to spoil them with some yummy treats. However, we were shocked to find that most dog treats contain harmful chemicals that can even put exposed humans at risk! The finding made us sad, but it also inspired us to begin the quest of finding a savoring, healthy, and harmless treat for our canine friends.

We found our secret ingredients in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, with an elevation of at least 15,000 feet. What began as a small family business soon bloomed into a flourishing company. Because dog owners and resellers across the country are simply charmed by our Yeti Dog Chew (the hard mixture of cow and Yak milk), we were able to open a new distribution facility in Everett WA. There, we continued our vision for quality dog treats by having all products physically inspected, tested, and approved by independent laboratories in Nepal. 

We Love Our Customers

As dog lovers, we are proud of our Yeti Dog Chews. Our treat is 100% chemical free and natural. The fat content on our treat is less than 1%, and we've also removed most of the lactose to make our treat perfectly safe for dogs with a sensitive digestive system. Besides delivering top-notch dog chews, we are also here to take care of our customers. We have created an easy ordering and checkout process so you can order online 24/7. Our website also includes a store locator option to allow you to shop in person. 

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