Tips to Deal With Your Dog's Stress

Tips to Deal With Your Dog's Stress

Just like you, dogs suffers from stress too. They can’t communicate it as we humans do, but through their body language, they do communicate.


Dogs express their stress through unusual behaviors such as:

  1. Continuous barking
  2. Excessive licking
  3. Chewing or  destroying things,
  4. Pooping or peeing in unusual places
  5. Reacting angrily towards humans or other animals.

Loneliness, noise or separation can trigger stress. So, try to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior and identify how he indicates stress and anxiety in different situations. It might not be an easy task for you to handle your dog’s stress. But, here’s few tips on how you can deal with your dog’s stress.

Physical Exercise


Stress tends to make muscles tense and exercise may be a way to relieve tense muscles. Set apart some time out of your busy schedule to walk around your dog or play a game of fetch. It will help to release your dog’s pent-up energy that can exacerbate stress.

Calming Music

Music not only calms or soothe down your nerves but your dog’s too. Leave a television, radio or music on, while your dog alone at home to make him comforted that there is someone. It will help them to remain calm and content.

Relaxing Massage


Massage tends to relieve tense muscles. You might already realize that how your dog loves a good ear and tummy rub. Start massaging your dog by gently petting your dog’s entire body.  It will help to make your dog calm and soothe their nerves.

Chew Treats


Your dog can usually go under stress when they have lots of energy but nowhere to spend it. Providing them chewy treats or toy will help to occupy their time and release their pent up energy. It will also help to keep their teeth strong and healthy.

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