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Yeti Dog Chew At The Global Pet Expo

Yeti Dog Chew At The Global Pet Expo

Yeti Dog Chew recently took to the air to travel to the Global Pet Expo held in Orlando, Florida.  This is one of the largest such events in North America and was held from March 16th to the 18th.  The Expo profiles some of the best in pet products for consumers and distributors.  We set up our table and surrounding floor area with our Yeti Dog Chew and other products (see below!)


The 2016 Expo continued a trend in recent years of natural pet products growing in size and impact.  There are more vendors with more natural products taking up more floor space at the Expo than ever before.  This is great news as pet owners are supporting healthier, natural products for their dog and cat friends.  A fun part of the show was being able to see happy customers and distributor partners in-person.  Not everyone can visit our headquarters in Everett, Washington and we had a great time talking about our dog chew and other products with various individuals and organizations.  Pet Age Magazine also stopped by and took a photo of our new Yeti Dog Bed.  They then awesomely shared that on their Instagram account (thanks!)

In other exciting show news we finalized distribution arrangements with new parterns in South America and Australia!  We are one more step to bringing our wonderful, natural dog products to the global marketplace.  We will also remain focused on serving our existing distribution partners in North America and elsewhere.  We are continuing to look for more resellers and distributors.  Wherever Big Yeti Dog Chew goes, positive product reviews follow.  You don't have to meet us a show to discuss, just get in touch.  

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