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Himalayan Yak Chews| Long Lasting Chews For Aggressive Chewers

All Natural

Long Lasting


No odor


"These last the longest, are the most uniform in size/texture, and the best part of all… when the dogs drop them on hardwood floors, they don’t break as easily as other brands we’ve tried. We’ll buy these again and again" - ✅Lindsay C.

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Pure, Natural, and Loved by Dogs

100% Authentic Yak Chew From Himalayas

Only 3 ingredients: Milk, salt & lime

No Odor, No Stains

Great for aggressive chewers

Free From Any Chemical Preservatives, Additives & Dyes

Why Should Your Pup Chew On This and THIS ALONE?

How to Get The Tail Wagging

Get ready to wag some tails with the Yeti Dog Chew! This long-lasting and cheese-tastic adventure is made with yak and cow milk-based hard cheese, making it a perfect mix of fun and yum, keeping your furry friend entertained for hours.

Note: Heat any leftover pieces in the microwave for 45-60 seconds until it puffs up to twice its size to prevent choking, and then feed it to your dog after it cools down.

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Customer Reviews

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"Happy Dog!"

My dog loves these! Keeps her busy and when they get small you throw them in the microwave and she has a crunchy treat!


“Best Chew Treat Ever!”

These are great!!
They smell good, not like chew hoofs, and. all 3 of my dogs love them, including the pup. After chewing, they leave no gunky white residue on their face fur.


“Favourite Chew”

The yeti chews are a favorite treat in my house. I have two large Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who like to chew and destroy their toys. This treat is a great way to keep them amused for about two hours or so.


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