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How to Get The Tail Wagging

Chew on this: Yeti Dog Chew combines the goodness of Himalayan yak cheese in a fun, long-lasting treat that's a hit with pooches! It's the cheese-tastic way to keep your pet entertained and healthy!


Insert the nugget in the toy


Microwave for 60 seconds with the nugget in the toy. The nugget will expand 2x the size to a crunchy treat.


After it cools, let your dog play with it!

Refill Yeti Nuggets that are shaped and sized specifically to fit the Yeti Puff and Play Toys.

Note: Do Not give the nugget to your dog directly without puffing it first.

Pawsome Perks

Mental Stimulation

Keeps dogs mentally engaged as they work to extract the chew.

Aids in
Teething and Training

Ideal for teething puppies and helps in behavior training and anxiety relief.

All Natural

All natural treats that contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Suitable for
All Dogs

Good for dogs of all ages and breeds.

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The 1-Minute Treat Transformation

Pop the nugget into the toy, give it a quick 60-second spin in the microwave and watch it puff up to twice its size, transforming into a crunchy treat!

Once it cools down, it's playtime for your pup - simple and fun!

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