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Furry white dog sleeping in a normal position

5 Sleeping Positions That Reveals About Your Dog's Personality

Dogs can sleep in the weirdest places and sleeping positions making the cutest faces.

I don’t know what it is, but watching them sleep is heartening and funny. What amazes me more is when I find them in different sleeping positions. Curled up. Sprawled out. Bundled up. Each of their sleeping positions is quite comical, yet they can reveal a lot about their overall health and personality.

Here are 5 sleeping positions that may tell something about your dog.

1. Curled up in a ball

A dog curling up like a ball


The curled-up position is one of the most common sleeping positions for dogs. It is mostly adopted by the dogs living in the wild habitat.

Why do dogs curl up in a ball?

When dogs curl up in a ball, it conserves warmth and protects their vital organs from possible predators.

This position, however, limits movement of dogs during sleep. This position is most common during winter months when the weather is frosty or simply a dog may feel comfortable sleeping in that position.

Dogs sleeping in this position are considered gentle, easy-going and of sweet personality.

2. Side sleeper

A dog sleeping on its side


Dogs sleeping in the side position feels quite safe and comfortable with their surroundings leaving its vulnerable organs exposed. This position leaves the dogs limbs to move around during sleep.

Dogs sleeping in this position tend to be happy, easy-going, relaxed and loyal.

3. The Superman Pup

A dog laying on its belly with the superman pose


This one is a defeated position of lying flat on the belly. This sprawled out position is often seen among dogs who need a frequent nap and play instantly anytime anywhere. These dogs are the most adorable of all kinds.

They are super energetic who always wants to be in action even while they are napping.

Such energetic and playful dogs seem to enjoy one of our toys – puff and play toy.

Though they may seem defeated, dogs sleeping in this position are very easily motivated. Quite ironic!

4. Back sleeper

a dog sleeping on its back lifting its legs on the air


This sleeping position is especially shown by the dogs who are very comfortable with their environment leaving most sensitive areas exposed.

Sleeping with an exposed belly helps them to cool off from the hot temperature. This position is most common during summer seasons having scorching heat.

Dogs sleeping in this position are considered highly confident and very adaptable to any new situations.

5. Back-To-Back

A small puppy laying back-to-back with an adult dog


Dogs sleeping in this position are meant to have a special bond with you. Normally dogs following this position have a special love and care that it shows to you. It always wants to get closer to you.  

Dogs sleeping in this way feels very loving and affectionate.


Whether it's being curled up in a ball or lying flat on a belly, your pup's sleeping position can tell a lot about their personalities. 

Does your dog sleep in any of the 5 positions that we talked about? If yes, hopefully, you've learned something new about them.

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